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Workshops | Jodie Christinat

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Introducing an exciting new part of Jodie’s ministry, Youth Leadership Workshops!

These workshops are fun, extremely practical and filled with useful keys for youth leadership. With over 17 years experience, Jodie has learnt many lessons along the way, made plenty of mistakes, developed strategies that work and she is passionate about empowering and imparting into current and upcoming youth leaders. The workshops are flexible, both in length and content, whether it’s a one hour leaders meeting or a few days retreat, the material can be adapted to the areas that you feel will suit your team best, send us an email and let’s chat about how Jodie can invest into your team!

How it works:

Once you make contact with us, Jodie will have a chat with you about what you feel your youth team really needs to hear. She will work with you on the best format and topics for your workshop.  Jodie, in collaboration with you, will book in a date and then get to work and prayer to prepare a fantastic workshop suited just to your team! Additionally if you are keen, Jodie can come to your youth that week to get a bit of extra insight to see how things are working, she is also more than happy to speak for you at youth. Below is a suggested format for the workshop as well as many of the topics that Jodie likes to cover.

Flexible Workshop format – this can be adjusted according to your preference:

Preferred day is a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon/evening (obviously not imposing on your Church services) and the format/length can be altered according to what suits you best. Alternatively a weeknight can also work well in a shorter version.

A Meal with the Team (either breakfast, lunch or an early dinner)
Session 1 – Teach – 45 minutes
Break – 5 minutes
Session 2 – Pastor – 45 minutes
Break – 20 minutes
Session 3 – Lead – 45 minutes
Session 4 – Prophetic impartation + prayer – 30+ minutes



In this session Jodie discusses the importance of our role as youth leaders to teach the young people in our care, there are so many voices in their world and we play a valuable part and have been given the amazing opportunity to teach them to live life well.

Topics available (but not limited to):

* Feeding time at the zoo – what are they eating
* Social Media in a tech savvy world
* Purity in an impure world
* Boundaries – the love/hate relationship
* Parental Guidance – parents can be your best ally
* Making the culture work for you


In this session, we uncover the opportunity wrapped up in just loving people! We talk about keys to pastoring people well, the growth it can cause in individuals, yourself and in your youth corporately. Jodie gives practical advice and tips to manage pastoral care amongst the busy lifestyle that we lead as well as many other valuable keys.

Topics available (but not limited to):

* Unconditional love – how to!
* Quality Time – making time work for you
* What is the key?
* Like for a like – acceptance!
* Deal with it – there’s gold under there


This is probably the most personal session where Jodie really gets to the heart of the leader, not afraid to tackle the hard issues Jodie is entertaining but also sensitive and brings a word from God for your leaders. It is also a highly practical session, covering various elements of upfront platform ministry and working as a team!

Topics available (but not limited to):

* One Voice – team can take the world
* The Stretch – it’s good for you!
* Longevity makes the difference
* Platform Ministry (from sharing around the offering, to preaching, to worship leading, to behind the scenes ministry such as sound and lights and leading the prayer meeting…it all affects the platform!)

So, what are you waiting for? Send us an email now and let’s talk about how Jodie can help your team!


We have known Jodie for the past 20 years! Gosh, what a long time! So we can very confidently let you know that Jodie has not only incredible personal character, tenacity and passion but also a great deal of insight and experience when it comes to youth ministry! While still being incredibly relevant and fresh, Jodie has a lot of experience and wisdom when it comes to every aspect involved in youth ministry. From mentoring and discipleship to everything involved in running a youth group – preaching, worship, connect groups and programming, Jodie has done and excelled at it all. We know she will add something of significance to you, your team and your ministry.
Cameron and Renee Bennett – Youth Alive National Directors