May, 2013

trust without borders

I love the song ‘Oceans’ from Hillsong United’s new album Zion. Have a read of these lyrics…
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revelations from a 12 year old!

The other day I had the privilege of picking up Miss 12 from School and later driving her to Youth. During the course of our drive, she was explaining to me why she thought sermons should be more interesting, and she gave an example of her friend, also a 12 year old, who shared in Kid’s Church just recently. She said to me, “He was talking about creation and he was drawing on a board, he isn’t really a very good drawer, but it was more interesting because there was something to look at. He talked about how God spoke all of creation into being, but He actually stooped down to form man with his own hands.”
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Let Faith Rise!

It seems that ducks are constant sources of illustration for me lately! Yesterday I was sitting by the lake watching the sun go down and as I sat there looking at the calm, peaceful water, a few ducks swam past. It fascinates me that on the surface the ducks hardly make a ripple, yet underneath you know that their feet (are they called feet?!) are paddling like crazy to propel them along.
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