Immeasurably more…

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It really is quite astounding just how much this life is a journey. I remember (and have written proof in many journals) so many things I dreamt of doing and wrote about asking God to fulfill, most of them I wanted that week or month but definitely that year, and it makes me laugh to think that some of them have been a 5 year journey, others 10 years, others are yet to be fulfilled (and others I thank God that He knew better than to answer them!) But that doesn’t make me want to stop dreaming or to lose hope and give up. This life that we are living is a gift from God, we were born with adventure in our hearts and I have seen and continue to see that when we live life with God it is the best and most amazing adventure we could ever imagine! It’s not without it’s valleys, bumps in the road or setbacks that sometimes feel like way too much of a knockout; but it is fun, it is exciting, it is ever unfolding, it is a realm that we know not of, and when He is the centre of your life it is completely fulfilling!
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