November, 2012

Noisy, chirping birds…

There is a Westfield shopping centre near my house, outside the shops around 4pm onwards there are hundreds (although it sounds like thousands) of noisy, chirping little birds. I don’t actually know what kind of bird they are, maybe a Noisy minor or something, but at times the sound they make is deafening! It is completely overpowering and it actually amazes me, the sound that can be made as they all chirp together.
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Slip & Slide!

On Friday night at our Youth we had a giant slip & slide out in the park, it was already raining which just added to the fun really, add to that a fair amount of detergent and lux flakes and we had ourselves a slippery slope – the Youth had a blast! As the Youth Pastor I thought I’d give it a go, I ran, and I certainly slipped & I think I slid… I also cracked my head on the ground really hard!! Clearly it’s been awhile since I’ve done the slip & slide thing! (I am OK by the way, thanks for asking…)
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